Companies looking for data on their customers, market, or investments in China have had to rely on fragmented data sets, the opinions of experts and analysts and traditional survey methodology. These approaches lack the innovation to go beyond small sample sizes, biased metrics and opinions. In this new world of big data and analytics, these dated methods do not adequately serve the needs of key business leaders and decision-makers.
Go Capture is pioneering new techniques, driven by data and analytics, to meet challenges our clients face daily. Our unique data sets and proprietary methodologies are empowering clients with topic-specific, qualified intelligence for faster, more effective and better-informed decision making.

Example Areas of Analysis
• Spotting trends and highlighting challenges facing product or investment offerings
• A comparative rating which can monitor and rate products by customer preference
• Understand crossover of account holders, capturing how many, who with, frequency of visit etc. 
• Monitor financial APP usage