Our Story

Go Capture (GC) is a smart people business, we are experts in providing applied big data analysis and do this for some of the world’s largest brands. We aid and define critical business thinking and tactical market plays. We can do this by having an in-depth understanding of the Chinese consumer, based on crunching data on a massive scale. 
Our Go Capture Platform is a ‘unique’ and highly scalable big data Platform, designed to track, read and analyse the online browsing behavior. Generating an infinite source of products/critical market information. The Platform is highly adaptable having multi-industry applications. It further uses AI technology, to combine a wide range of off and on-line data, the result is the creation of an impressive portfolio of critical market intelligence products, that are both rare and highly demanded. These can be streamed on a real-time basis (DAAS model) to businesses, who are looking to use critical market intelligence to gain their competitive edge.